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Gardens History Studies

Emblematic Meetings and Readings

Federation of Landscape Architects Engagement

Specifics Training Courses and pedagogic programs

Based on historic analysis and knowledge of arts and crafts, I'm deeply comitted to respect garden style according to the architectural qualities of built heritage. I study especially Art Deco and Modern period to restore a vegetal identity with scales and adapted plants. My great inspirations are H. Alvar Aalto in Maison Carré, R. Mallet Stevens in Villa Cavrois and Villa Noailles, C. Siclis and J.M. Da Silva architects in Villa Serralves,...

My professionnal practice is enhanced by emblematic meetings with persons, associations and useful readings, building my strong ecological awareness : Pierre Rabhi and Colibri citizen movement, Kokopelli for preservation of traditionnal seeds, Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement ,...

Engaged since 2000, year of my graduated, in the French  Federation of Landscape Architects, I am an active member to promote landscape architects, job and skills, in quality of life improvement and landscapes future. The Federation of Landscape Architects gather more than 800 professionals in France, member of IFLA World, International Federation of Landscape Architects.

I share my knowledge in pedagogic programs : technical courses with landscape gardeners of Compagnons du Devoir since 2013, professional trainings with ENSNP Blois, conference about history of gardens in Compiegne University. I participate periodically to 'Architects and Landscape architects in classroom' organized by CAUE to promote our jobs with young  generation.

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