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Historical and landscaping planning in medieval site of Chevreuse

Environmental and hydraulic planning in Yvette valley

Landscape planning for a new church

Landscaping planning for road development in Normandy area

Historical and landscaping planning in medieval site of XIIth century in Chevreuse Valley, around Madeleine Castle. Land register research for ecological and forestry management : property acquisition, forest regeneration, rustic fences, flocks of goats, pedagogical animation. Landscaping planning conceived in 2014 by SMall landscape architect in collaboration with Chevreuse Nature Reserve and Chevreuse municipality.

Environmental and hydraulic planning in Chevreuse Valley for renaturing rectified watercourses of 'Yvette', property acquisition for continuing pedestrian and cyclist way, endemic plantations and patrimonial conservation. Landscaping project developing on 2 kilometers by SMall landscape architect in 2016 in collaboration with hydraulic technical department of Egis France and safeguard community of Yvette river.

Landscape planning for a new church conceived by ENIA Architects, in Paris area : mineral forecourt on street, parking area with permeable soil and band of trees in public garden, fruit trees, shrubs and perennials without watering in private backyard. Conception in 2016 by SMall landscape architect.

Landscaping planning for road development in Normandy area on large scale, several kilometers. Rethinking ecological management of roadside with endemic vegetable range, local materials and specific signposts, creating a highly attractive gateway to the city, in collaboration with public Eure County and local municipalities since 2015.

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