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Stéphanie Mallier

Born in Oakland, California

Lives & works in Dampierre-en-Yvelines,


SMall like…

SMall in size to be flexible in my professionnal practice, i used to work with pluridisciplinary team according to project requirements : architects, decorators, technical offices, but also artists and craftsmen.


SMall like attentive and imperceptible to approach landscape project not like a building planner, but more like a gardener, in promotion of Life and Nature. For exemple, I work to restore vegetal seasonality in city where mineral is permanent.


Acting locally because i live since 20 years in Chevreuse area, beautiful valley in west suburbs of Paris, and i have a great satisfaction to work in reliable network of professionals, communities, private partners,…


Think globally because the environmental impact of project has sustainable consequences for planet and our future. So, choose local suppliers, natural materials, energy friendly solutions, endemic vegetal range without watering,…


Be fully sustainable to make today choices conditioning the project in the future, in the long run. Plant hugely in various vegetal species for our children, for tomorrow!

A garden ou in large scale a landscape, it’s a place, a site to reveal, to relate his history… an history who make visible what surround us, what we don’t succeed to see, walk on ways that nobody takes, mind sounds that we don’t heard, play with shades, winds, water, birds and bugs,… my vocation helps you to reveal your place.

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Since 2016 - Fe56 Paris , co-associate and developer for original outdoor furniture

Since 2012 - SMall Paysagiste , manager in landscape design office


2010 Carbon footprint, ADEME - French environment and energy management agency for Climate change and energy transition

1996-2000 Master Degree of Landscape Architecture, ENSNP Blois


1993-1996 Bachelor Degree History of Art, Sorbonne Paris


1990-1996 Private Fine Arts Academy, Paris

I grew between Lozère mountains in South of France and Paris, contemplating contrasted landscapes between wildness nature and city of art. I kept of that a great sensivity to preserve balance between constructed space, and natural zone in my project approach. 

I'm now a creative landscape architect of 18 years experience in conception of public and private space, garden and large landscape, in rural and urban context. I try to reveal the respect of place and his history, with aesthetic care in vegetal choice, materials and furniture as a global conception. 

I create my own design office SMall Paysagiste to share my vision of exterior life as an essential element of biodiversity, contributing to global ecological balance.

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