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Landscape site of wetland parking area

Urban rehabilitation and places rethinking

Therapeutic garden in retirement residence

Design courtyard in parisian head office

Landscape planning to reveal natural identity, wetland parking, natural and raw materials with wooden rails, bench in full tree trunk, endemic plants and vegetal range without watering, local suppliers, disabled persons norms, draining concrete surfacing, walking way overlooking riverside. Conception SMall landscape architect in 2013 in direct order with Chevreuse municipality and Chevreuse Naturel Reserve.

Urban planning and places rethinking for disabled people, selection of metal furniture and security elements, pavement surfacing, design plants containers, alternative urban flower with mostly perennials, thematic and temporary animation with schools, technic managing with gardener team. Conception SMall landscape architect in 2014 in direct order with Chevreuse municipality.

Therapeutic garden in Alzheimer unit for contemplation, selection of vegetal range without toxicity properties, aromatic and perennial plants, mulching, raised squares for gardening animations with nursing staff, walk with stimulation sense, adapted way for disabled persons norms. Conception SMall landscape architect in collaboration with Philippe Dehan Architect in 2006.

Design courtyard in parisian head office in collaboration with Alexis Tricoire designer and Toleries Foreziennes : conception of original bench in wood and metal, highlighting entertainment and selection of generous vegetal range under existing trees : soleirolia, gunnera, bergenia, pachysandra,... Landscape conception SMall landscape architect and execution by Optijardin in 2015.

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